Car keys are a major item in cars, and you often tend to lose them. Sometimes in a rush, you can forget your keys or misplace them. Sometimes you might throw them someplace else and not find them later. And, other times, you might not have any idea and realise your car keys are missing. So you have two options in such a situation: look for the car keys or towing services nearby.

Some people tend to carry spear keys with them. They can get back on their way with those keys. But unfortunately, the inconsiderate ones might require emergency towing services to get their car back to their house before they figure out a way to get new pair of keys.

A locked car can be a nightmare if you are in a remote condition. So, firstly you need to hire a professional service of key towing in Sidney BC, to get your car to a garage. There they will figure out a way to get your situation resolved.

Earlier, every car key was universal. Due to technological improvement, you now have multiple car keys options, and the solution to them varies based on their type. So, to get a proper solution, you need to verify which car keys you use.

These are the basic types of car keys.

Keyless remote entry

The car unlocking feature without a key is called a key fob. The system is found commonly in new-generation cars. Users can easily access the car with key fobs as they constantly communicate with the car. There might be countless issues with key fobs. But losing it can be a real challenge.

When you have fobs installed in your car, it will be extremely difficult to arrange an alternative. The replacement process will be both expensive & difficult. However, if you are in a keyless situation, get key towing in Sidney to get your car somewhere safe.

Traditional car keys

In today’s times, too, some people prefer traditional key choices. The traditional keys option has always been around; thus, replacing or duplicating them is easy. However, this key option doesn’t offer much security. But since the topic is about lost car keys, these are the best option to lose. With traditional car keys, the situation can be resolved easily with less difficulty.

Transponder key

In newly launched technology automobiles, a high possibility of programmed transponder keys with keyless entry remotes is present. The key options increase the security of the car. It is developed by pairing communication with an automobile. But losing this key is also a real pain.

You are advised to always have a spare key to avoid expensive solutions. Get key towing in Sidney if your transponder keys get lost.


So, once you verify which type of key you lost, get service of key towing in Sidney BC, to get your car in a garage.

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